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"The Draco"

a freshman team developed is delivered on AppStore!


Toylo.gifHello, World! I'm Toylo.
Do you enjoy games?

The game freshmen created was published and it was done by only 3 people. Great!
Today I'm going to introduce "The Draco".


The Draco like this!

The draco a protagonist is a frilled lizard and boasts his big frill.
His looks is disgust... umm, you know, so unique and when he spreads a frill then


Wow! Looks like an umbrella!
The draco has the wind in his frill and can fly like a paraglider.


Gliding with a frill, you head for a goal. That's "The Draco"!


Simple and deep action game!

1. If you spread a frill fully, you knock against an upper bush. In such case, close a frill slightly and fly!eriglider5.png

2. Fall on a swamp or hit against a bird. It's terrible! Can you fly into a safety island well?eriglider6.png

3. Collect butterflies and make more reputation. It's very difficult to collect all!eriglider7.png

4. Plenty of levels!ss_e_4.png

Toylo.gifThe Draco's smooth motion is one of the highlight.
Don't miss it! Let's play!

Icon_150.png ■Download

Title: The Draco
Release date: 2013/08/09
Price: Free

Platform: Compatible with iPhone5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch 4th generation or later. Requires iOS 5.1 or later

Please send here your question about "The Draco".

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