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Toylogic Inc. (Headquarter: Tokyo) announced the official launch of Happy Wars for Xbox One on April 24th (Friday).

Happy Wars is a free-to-play large-scale online multiplayer action game that can be enjoyed by a large number of players. Join the melee in a fantasy world with colorful cartoon style characters.
Customize your characters with variations of items and six distinct classes, and enjoy with players from around the world in exciting castle sieges and spell slinging!

Happy Wars on Xbox 360 was released in October 2012, and it has downloaded nearly ten million.

Features of Happy Wars on Xbox One
 -Sharing Save Data with Happy Wars on Xbox 360
Players who play on Xbox 360 can share the progress data such as items and ranks with the same Xbox Live accounts between two platforms. Moreover, you can play the game with one account on both platforms.

 -Split Screen Feature
Split screen feature allows up to four players to play on just one Xbox One console. Enjoy Happy Wars with families and friends on a same television.

 -Visual Improvement best Fit for the Next Generation Console
You can enjoy higher quality graphics such as lighting, special effects, and textures improved by the performance of the next generation console.

 -All Updated Contents on Xbox 360 Included
Happy Wars on Xbox 360 has done title updating more than 20 times and released new game modes, classes, stages and items since October 2012. You can enjoy all the contents from the start on Xbox One.

The official trailer has been released on Toylogic Channel on YouTube.
You can enjoy renewed Happy Wars improved by the next generation console in the trailer.
Happy Wars official web site has also been renewed in accordance with the game release announcement.
We will regularly deliver Happy Wars related information on the renewed site, so be sure to keep checking for updates.

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